Peacocking With Alpha Nail

Sometimes a piece comes along that can fit into several CultureWaves™. This is one of them. What we have here is a nail polish aimed squarely at men which made me immediately think: Yin Yang Blend™: “I see the line … Read More

Dude Quilting

I have seen two articles about men making quilts in as many days so I think that warrants a mention.  Yin YangBlend™ is about the blurring of the sexes, and I think  men quilting falls neatly into that wave. The … Read More

Goodbye Beer Gut!

Yin Yang Blend™ is about “balancing the sexes” Now guys get to be as dishonest about their unwanted bulges as women! Yep, Spanx is now for men too. We’ve seen t-shirts that claim to have shaping qualities however, we ladies … Read More

Let’s Get Hairy

The smooth clean-cut look at the University of Maine is abandoned for a month every year when it observes “No Shave November”—and it’s not only for men sporting beards. … Read More

Gender Nurturing

Whether you act like a girl or play like a boy may not correspond to the sex you happen to be. In a recent study, researchers disguised the gender of the babies in the test and allowed adults to observe them. … Read More


China based MMO “King of the World” instituted a Gender Identification System to prevent guys from being girls. … Read More

Toys R Us for Reinforcing Stereotypes?

I am honestly not sure which is more newsworthy, the fact that a group of Swedish sixth graders are accusing Toys R Us of reinforcing damaging notions of gender roles, or the fact that the accusation is based on a two year long study of the effects of gender roles that the students have been undertaking. … Read More

Makeup’s battle for androgyny.

So, the rise of the male polish begins. And I’m not just talking about Cuccio’s spa line. You’ve got your share of retail products as well, from Europop lines to “Man Glaze”. … Read More

The Zapotec’s Third Gender: Muxe

Gender equability is the essence of our Yin/Yang Blend wave. It sees the line between the sexes as dotted if it chooses to recognize the line at all. In American culture, we have become incredibly tolerant of male and female … Read More

Men’s Bra an Online Bestseller in Japan

Add men’s bras next to men’s pantyhose’s on our list of things that blur the line between the sexes in our yin/yang blend wave. Just two weeks after launching the bras, a Japanese online lingerie retailer says it’s their hottest … Read More