Is This For Real??

I love bacon and the weird internet subculture that has sprung up around it. I have chuckled at bacon flavored toothpaste, chewing gum, bacon scented candles, bacon inspired fashion, even bacon flavored lube (bleck). BUT surely, this is, going too … Read More

Creepy Confectionery

I’m not a fan of horror and I don’t have a sweet tooth so these creepy creations don’t do it for me. However, I know soooo many people who would eat this kind of thing right up… Literally. Exhibit A: … Read More

Adidas Gets Kooky With Latest Collaboration

I considered filing this under the Brand Sanctuary™ wave because Adidas is the kind of brand that people are very loyal to -myself being one of them. However, the Human Truth™ is: “I count on your brand not to let me … Read More

Baby Junk Food

Not only does this product arouse some serious: WTF? But this has to be one of the most amusing sales pitches I’ve seen in a long time! So how does this French company sell parents “Baby Junk Food”?  …with a … Read More

Whoa… Wait… Horse Semen Shots?

This story literally put my lesbian vegetarian roommate off her lunch.  It’s not an “Onion headline”, I checked. So, at New Zealand’s Hokitika Wildfoods festival, foodies will be able to imbibe horse semen.  Which apparently will make you feel like … Read More


While shopping for my Dad’s Christmas present I came across this offering from Bosch and I literally lol’d. “The special edition IXO Vino comes with a corkscrew attachment and special ‘wine-style’ wooden packaging box. The screwdriver has all the features … Read More

Wait…Is This For Real?

Sometimes a piece of evidence comes along that is so outrageous that I can’t help but write about it. May I present the craziest company I have seen in awhile: Revenge Crabs. … Read More

Taken Not Stirred

Flexible Flux™ is a cheeky wave… it’s pretty much about convincing yourself, or feeling “less guilty” about decisions. Putting “some good stuff in my bad stuff”™ is the Human Truth of this Wave but even that’s a bit of a stretch for this crazy “breakthrough” I read about yesterday. … Read More

Hey, It’s “Normal” to Someone…

The GR8 TaT2 Maker by Spin Master Toys promises an “easy-to-use tattoo maker kit…[that] creates realistic, washable designs with dramatic effects.”

Ok, so I originally spotted this “toy” on a hilarious website called People of Walmart. … Read More

Tobacco Candy

With three times the nicotine found in a single cigarette, these innocent looking tobacco candy pills aren’t for the light at heart. Called “Camel Orbs”, there’s an aura of naughtiness to the pills despite being smokeless, spit less, and waste … Read More