The Expansion of VR

Most people immediately think of gaming when they imagine virtual reality (VR). Technology is continuously progressing and the actual reality is VR is finding more application across a variety of industries. The immersive experiences associated with VR are advancing sports, … Read More

Virtual Recruitment

If you love video games, you have likely played a military-based First Person Shooter (FPS) game. Games like S.O.C.O.M., Call of Duty, Battlefield and Medal of Honor generally have dominated the gaming market in the past and present, but what … Read More

Q315 Topic: Technology as a Teacher

Virtual Reality is entering the classroom, and we’re starting to discover the many applications for it. … Read More

Tesco Brings New Tech To Shoppers

Tesco, the British retail and grocery chain continues to dominate when it come to tech innovations. I was impressed a while back by their cool QR code virtual shopping wall that turned up in south korea subway station. Commuters waiting … Read More

To Thy Digital Self Be True

Is it possible we care more about our sleepless, ever-present virtual selves than our real ones? There are moments after I put up a Tweet on Twitter that I realize I should probably go back and delete it, simply because it’s either really rude or would make people question my morals and key choice of colorful words. … Read More

Dude Stop it, Seriously! It’s Your Turn to Wear the Helmet!

TN Games has released a helmet that will complement their FPS Gaming Vest that lets you literally feel explosions, gunshots and blows that your character experiences in video games. Not to mention, make you look like the worlds biggest dork! … Read More

Swedish Body Swapping Experiment

Ever wander what it would be like to swap bodies with someone else? According to Swedish Scientists this seemingly impossible feat might be easier than you would think. The press release explains the experiment: Cognitive neuroscientists at the Swedish medical … Read More