Insta Gratification

  Real talk, I’ve judged people based on their Instas. I know—it’s terrible and it’s the actual personification of judging a book by its cover. But that’s what it’s come to…and I’m not the only one, nor is Instagram the … Read More

Goodbye Beer Gut!

Yin Yang Blend™ is about “balancing the sexes” Now guys get to be as dishonest about their unwanted bulges as women! Yep, Spanx is now for men too. We’ve seen t-shirts that claim to have shaping qualities however, we ladies … Read More

Going Out Buff

In the Buff Culture Wave, looking good is never an accident. It’s carefully planned–even to the point of making sure that when people view you in your casket, they see you the way you want to be seen. … Read More

Cosmetic Lifts For Your Funeral

Some people take Buff Culture™ to well after their own deaths. Our obsession with beauty as perfection has certainly gotten expensive.  Extreme & expensive are words that come up in this wave a lot.  Now, we’ve seen people wishing to … Read More