Workshop Concepts: Evolving Hotel Design

For many, hotel rooms seem rather monotonous. While traditional amenities like a bed, a TV, a nightstand and a bathroom remain consistent in hotels across the world, the room they’re housed in has drastically evolved. The well-accepted and emulated bedroom … Read More

Your Own Handwriting As A Font

This idea makes me tingle! Whoever thought this up for Pilot deserves some serious kudos and here’s why: they have taken a product, in fact a behavior, that has become outmoded and made it available in our digital world. … Read More

The Return of the Sexy Barmaid

Ever since man invented booze, he’s taken a keen interest in being served his favorite drink by a buxom wench. But modern times, not to mention the women’s movement, have pretty must taken the sexy barmaid out of the picture—Hooters being a mainstream exception—until now. … Read More