Social Networking as The New Retail Model

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OldSpice does Social Marketing right.

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Media Addiction in an Age of Technological Immersion

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Quantifying Social Media

When I saw this story from Mashable that gives a dollar value for a companies Facebook friends….I was, ahem, intrigued. Now, people that know me, know I’m allergic to math but when I think about what this piece is really about it leaves me…well, exasperated. … Read More

Are You Going To Double Down …Or Fold’em

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Choose Your Own Adventure 2.0

Remember choose your own adventure books? You know, the ones that make you the star (and if you screw up you just backpedal a few pages)? Well, the popularity of the style may be lost to all but nostalgia and Goosebumps collectors. But why wouldn’t the concept work now? Ok, let me restate that; why wouldn’t it work with social media? … Read More

Is social media social yet?

Remember when social media was a fun, quirky thing that existed only for the purpose of entertainment? Those days, it seems, are long gone. With every new push into the social media frontier, it seems as it we’re slowly finding ourselves more on the verge of developing “the next big thing” as opposed to something fun. … Read More

The Span of Attention

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Are They Talking About You Right Now?

HSBC Holdings plc is a multi-national banking corporation that is taking a PR beating thanks to a cheeky social media company that decided to use it as an example of how potent online public opinion can be.

Definitely not an official site by any means, it’s quite simple – they pull in mentions of HSBC from the Twittersphere, then classifies them as a Fail or a Win for the bank… … Read More