Retro-futurism as Product R&D

I’ve gotta go back Doc. Back…to the future…of Pepsi! … Read More

Super Hero Me

I haven’t seen The Avengers movie yet but apparently it’s AWESOME! I haven’t heard any of my friends say a bad word about it. It’s exactly what it they wanted it to be: An over the top, action packed, superhero … Read More

Little Riley Has Some Good Questions

There’s a really cute viral video doing the rounds of a little girl in the “girls” section of a toy store, surrounded by pink packaging and dolls, asking her father why the boys toys look different and are separated in … Read More

Nano Bugs – You Know, For Kids!

Enterprising geeks turn their passion for robotics and bugs into successful and educational toy. HEXBUG is a fun example of how Green Echo™ doesn’t always have to be about high concept biomimicry science experiments.  Like this crazy bullet proof skin … Read More

Paper Dolls

With eyes always on nostalgia, pop culture has an endless arsenal of things they can revive, and it looks like paper dolls may be heading under the focusing lens. … Read More

She Said Yes

Stop the presses! Barbie and Ken are back together! Well, perhaps it’s not that dramatic, but for an on and off couple of over 40 years they’re ready to tell the world with a brand reboot. … Read More

Angry Birds, The Real Game

Coming out in May, this affordable toy is aimed at kids and adults alike and could be a great platform for other virtual games to become adapted to real world counterparts (Castle Crashers anyone?) … Read More

Marvel’s “First Family” not Family Friendly?

Won’t someone please think of the children? … Read More

Awww, Isn’t That Precious?

So this family walks into a talent agent’s office and he asks “So what can you do?” And they show him their cute, precious little snowflake baby. Something is gleaming in it’s mouth! Why, it’s a Swarovksi Crystal studded pacifier! TA-DA! The Aristabrats! … Read More