Insta Gratification

  Real talk, I’ve judged people based on their Instas. I know—it’s terrible and it’s the actual personification of judging a book by its cover. But that’s what it’s come to…and I’m not the only one, nor is Instagram the … Read More

Old World Tourism

Tourism’s shift in focus to experiences and authentic cultural immersion has created a new demand for travel experiences—one that reflects traditions from eras today’s consumers have never known. … Read More

The New Tourists

Tourists. You either love them or hate them—and, at some point, you probably are one. But what does it even mean to be a tourist these days? Is everyone still running around in a local t-shirt, taking pictures of everything … Read More

Suggestive Selling in a “Man Drought”

So you may or may not have already heard of the “Australian Man Drought”.   It’s a recent phenom that entails eligible city dwelling Aussie bachelors heading overseas for extended working holidays or high paying salaries.   Hey, I’m reporting from the … Read More