Pass Me A Chewy Beverage

SUMMERTIME!!!  Couldn’t you just go for a nice cool beverage?  How about a refreshing mix of flavors you may not be familiar with, and chunky chewy bits floating in it? These Asian style drinks are much more popular in the … Read More

Jitter Prevention

Have you ever asked for decaf coffee then found yourself trapped in a channel surfing jittery fit hours later? The Guarding Wave offers you just the thing to make sure it doesn’t happen. It’s the D+Caf™ Test Strip, a simple, concealable test device that gives you accurate proof your coffee or tea is the decaf version you ordered. … Read More

Snus: Smoke Free, Nicotine Free, AND Organic!

Since the product hasn’t hit the American market just yet, we’ll clearly define it here: Snus is tobacco that comes in a pouch and is placed inside the cheek, delivering shots of far stronger nicotine than offered by smoking a … Read More