Elevated Indulgence

Have you caught onto the trend for self-care? At one time, it may have been considered indulgent to, at least at times, put yourself first. Now? Here’s what we’re seeing. Variables such as budget, demographic, lifestyle, and location can all … Read More

New Moms are a Target

They are easy to identify and categorize. They all have similar needs: diaper care, nutrition, laundry products, and sleep. This all makes it easy for the U.S. marketing world to lump new moms all together as they figure out how … Read More

I Might Not Clip… But I Will Scan!

I have written before how Target is a company that’s not afraid to try new things. So it’s not surprising that they are testing an interesting coupon phone app. This is the kind of thing I would use… as much I appreciate a bargain but am not going to sit ‘n’ clip. … Read More

The “Targeted” YouTube Channel

As someone who could be described as a “YouTube early adopter” I’ve watched it grow into the force it is today. I have also wondered why more companies don’t have branded YouTube channels… it’s direct, casual, targeted and entertaining communication. Well, Target has lived up to their name and hit the bullseye. … Read More

Target Bags a Great Idea

No question about it- Green is still Hot. We still see daily evidence that spreads across all the Life Categories: DESIGN, ENTERTAINMENT, TECHNOLOGY & WELL BEING. It’s feels like ages (at least a year ago) that we reported on the quirky, fashionable bags that were being made from recycled advertising banners. … Read More

Loomstate for Target: Sound Luxury

Private Pampering is sure to take on a new face in this economy. Will people still crave to be spoiled with items of luxury? Of Course! Will they be able to throw caution to the wind and throw money at … Read More