Double the Indulgence

Left to their own devices, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s burgers would never be considered sexy. … Read More

Mommy Porn

Ok. I’m probably over sharing as I tend to do sometimes, but I had a friend visit recently who asked me for a favor as we where getting ready to go out. The make up she had wasn’t covering up … Read More

Peacocking With Alpha Nail

Sometimes a piece comes along that can fit into several CultureWaves™. This is one of them. What we have here is a nail polish aimed squarely at men which made me immediately think: Yin Yang Blend™: “I see the line … Read More

“You Wanna Burger, Baby?”

As the Food Truck wars heat up in Los Angeles, everyone’s looking for an angle… a gimmick that will set them apart from the pack. Well here’s a textbook case of Suggestive Selling™ and it seems to be working out … Read More

Sexy Bones

Excuse me? A medical imaging supply company using naked x-rays as a selling tool? I guess you could call it creative, but is it more along the lines of pornography? … Read More

The Return of the Sexy Barmaid

Ever since man invented booze, he’s taken a keen interest in being served his favorite drink by a buxom wench. But modern times, not to mention the women’s movement, have pretty must taken the sexy barmaid out of the picture—Hooters being a mainstream exception—until now. … Read More

Suggestive Selling in a “Man Drought”

So you may or may not have already heard of the “Australian Man Drought”.   It’s a recent phenom that entails eligible city dwelling Aussie bachelors heading overseas for extended working holidays or high paying salaries.   Hey, I’m reporting from the … Read More

Desperate Publications Turning to Gutter for Sales

Former British Cosmo editor Linda Kelsey is “shocked, bewildered and disgusted” by British women’s magazines and their cover lines like, “I breastfeed my puppy” or “Lesbian Incest: My Sister and I Want A Baby.” Magazines were feeling the pinch even … Read More

Can nudity save Tomb Raider and Eidos?

Oh yes, it’s been the fanboy dream of years to see Laura Croft in the buff, and as strange as that request sounds, thousands of digital artists have done their own… interpretations of it. However, with the economy sinking and … Read More

LVK: More Fun Than Watching Someone get tortured an hour after being downsized

Economy got you down, laid off and bored, bummed because you just pawned the last thing of worth that you own? I have three words for you… Lesbian…Killer…VAMPIRES!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right , horror comedy, Lesbian Vampire Killers is soon to be … Read More