A Huge Amount Of Adults Are Busy Doodling Lately….

One of my friends Facebook status says it all: “Draw Something is taking over my life.” That was quickly replied to by a bunch of her friends who commented: “Me too!!” “You play! Woot! I shall start a game with … Read More

Viral to a T

Viral videos aren’t new, but one that hits this big is-and it’s pulling in big bucks for T-Pain. It’s a video that advertises T-Pain’s new iPhone™ app called “I Am T-Pain” and for only $2.99 it can record your own voice with the same auto-tune effect that T-Pain uses. … Read More

The One Thing That You Should Steal If You don’t Have!

After Barrack Obama’s sweeping victory in the US presidential elections the Republicans  are analyzing every aspect of his campaign, getting ready for a 2012 counter- attack. But, domestic politicians are not the only ones that have taken notice of the … Read More