Next Stop: Prometheus

As soon as I read this article I couldn’t open WordPress fast enough! Ok, let me take a breath. Let’s just start by saying I’m a big Sci-fi movie fan. Notice the addition of “movie”? I’m not a sci-fi nerd … Read More

Tesco Brings New Tech To Shoppers

Tesco, the British retail and grocery chain continues to dominate when it come to tech innovations. I was impressed a while back by their cool QR code virtual shopping wall that turned up in south korea subway station. Commuters waiting … Read More

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a Subway Store!

When you’re building a skyscraper and working the top floors, getting to a sandwich shop is way out of your way. But what if the sandwich shop came to you? That’s exactly what’s happening on the building site at ground zero in New York City. … Read More