The Mainstreaming of KVLT

KVLT has been around the underground side of black metal for a while. Utilizing a more medieval feeling of the word “cult”, the sub genre embraces limited edition culture with a mix of pagan, occult, and dark imagery, and is … Read More

A Premium Opportunity in Trying Times

Welcome to the Post-Prosperity era of American history! The American consumer is hardly recognizable in its current form; thrift conscious, cash starved, coupon clipping, bargain hunting, and just plain doing without, a new animal has emerged. It’s not all bad news though, consumers, now more than ever, are willing to venture into retail territory… … Read More

Going Out Buff

In the Buff Culture Wave, looking good is never an accident. It’s carefully planned–even to the point of making sure that when people view you in your casket, they see you the way you want to be seen. … Read More

Cosmetic Lifts For Your Funeral

Some people take Buff Culture™ to well after their own deaths. Our obsession with beauty as perfection has certainly gotten expensive.  Extreme & expensive are words that come up in this wave a lot.  Now, we’ve seen people wishing to … Read More