Favors For The Neighbors

College is a busy time. You’re either cramming, rushing off to class or sleeping away a hangover… who has time for grocery shopping? For that matter, who can afford them? Well, this start up is wanting to connect people who … Read More

Cut And Paste Plagiarism

College students sitting at their computers downloading music, watching free videos, sharing photos, and writing a paper at the same can easily fall into the trap of grabbing information from Wikipedia and dropping it into their essay or research report without thinking twice. In a cut-paste world, really, what’s the problem? … Read More

Media Addiction in an Age of Technological Immersion

Social Media is the new Television. … Read More

Toys R Us for Reinforcing Stereotypes?

I am honestly not sure which is more newsworthy, the fact that a group of Swedish sixth graders are accusing Toys R Us of reinforcing damaging notions of gender roles, or the fact that the accusation is based on a two year long study of the effects of gender roles that the students have been undertaking. … Read More