CultureWavesQ3: Identity Branding

When a Brand Goes Beyond a Name When I was younger, I remember how important it was to have certain name brands attached to things like clothing and shoes. This was so important, in fact, that kids were subjected to … Read More

Liquid Stories

Consumer demand for experience in all things has led to consumers expecting experience in all things. The term “experience” is a little misleading, however, when it comes to beverages. When you hear the word, in conjures images of immersive, highly … Read More

CultureWaves Q2: Unique Partnerships

To view our Q2 Trend Report, click here. Facebook and L’Oreal just partnered to bring you virtual makeovers. Did your eyes stop at the seemingly odd combo of Facebook, a social media platform, and L’Oreal, a beauty and cosmetics retail … Read More

I’m here, reward me!

The location-based social networking trend may turn into a craze if this keeps up. Starbucks recently ran the first-ever nationwide “mayor special” through a foursquare loyalty program. Foursquare, if you don’t know, is a location-based startup that gives you the opportunity to “check in” at venues using your mobile device and keeps track of where you’ve visited. … Read More

Small Solutions To A Big Problem

When I saw this picture of a “protest” against Yellow Pages it really struck a chord with me. I seriously can’t remember the last time I ever opened one! I may have used one to prop a door open or squish a bug. But seriously, who uses them anymore? … Read More

Starbucks Evolution

I did a search for the tag Brand Sanctuary™ in Neemee today and Starbucks popped up 3 times on the first page. Hmmm what are they up to?

Starbucks is going back to its “premium-coffeehouse roots — by building premium coffeehouses. The chain, in the latest attempt to negotiate its turnaround, is focusing on stores with smaller-batch coffee, community involvement and entertainment. … Read More