Athletes Under a Data Microscope

Player tracking data provides new layers of relevant feedback for both casual fans and athletes looking to improve. Tracking technologies enhance the viewing experience for fans by letting them see where their favorite players are located on the field, and … Read More

Workshop Concepts: Cheating

Cheating in sports is nothing new, but the cheaters themselves are getting younger and younger. The past two decades have shown us a very nasty and low-character side of sports. Dozens of top athletes, many of whom were role models … Read More

Move: Precision in Movement

Here’s an idea that could signal a new era for fitness garments. It blends technology into the sportswear that helps the wearer know when they need to correct a particular movement. “Seattle-based company ElectricFoxy has unveiled a prototype of a … Read More

Girls Just Wanna Win

When it comes to sports, Nike® has been getting it right for years. Now the company is breaking new ground with an extremely creative look at what it’s like to be a world-class athlete–and a woman. … Read More

NFL + 3-D = front row seats

If 3-D doesn’t give Hi-Def television a run for their money we don’t know what will. Finally switching over from analog to hi-def, and already a faint voice is creeping up taunting, “gotta get 3-D, gotta get 3-D, gotta get … Read More