Sweet Rewards For A Tweet

This is a sweet campaign from Toyota Etios in South Africa. Passersby were prompted to send a tweet that included the hashtag #etiossmile. That set in motion a gumball or gobstopper that traveled through a Rube Goldberg-style machine. I’m a … Read More

AUDI Fights Crime By Breaking The Rules

I have to admit when I saw this pic I thought it was an act of Brandalizm™.  Surely, a high-end brand like Audi wouldn’t be so “edgy”?  But it’s legit! -at least in South Africa. For those of you not … Read More

Airtime Airline

We’ve never been so excited for an airline industry to lift off the ground and stay there. South African Upstart Airtime Airlines is planning on selling flights by the minute, via text message, at the rate of 5 Rand (53 … Read More