Creating Scarcity

Usually when we think of scarcity it points to a fundamental economic problem of never having enough of something. Marketing a product’s scarcity can create artificial demand—which sometimes gives it more attention than simply allowing a plentiful number of the … Read More


E3 is sort of an electronic entertainment mecca. Brands spend their entire year (if not years) preparing to wow the public with glimpses of new games and previews of a new console system. … Read More

Sony Distance Alert

Sensory Appeal is one of our Waves that every quarter we find an equal amount of amazing new tech and design, and for every great piece theres something that’s a complete gimmick. Being a basic need wave, this is somewhat understandable, even more understandable seeing how most of what comes out of this wave is entertainment based.
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China is Well On It’s Way To Changing the World

E-reader craze could be the start of a change who’s ramifications will effect the entire world. … Read More

Hey Look, Sony Targets Girl Gamers With… Girly Things

If you’re a girl and a gamer, Sony thinks you really love glitter, stickers and Hannah Montana. … Read More