Two Experiments With Modern Life

I saw this really clever digital short on Vimeo about a guy who’s constant texts, bleeps, email alerts etc. turn into music.  It serves as a clever showcase for his obvious talent but it’s also a pertinent comment on the … Read More

Crisis And The Web: The Internet As Headquarters

I have been in Brisbane for the past few weeks visiting with family and friends, and therefore have had a front row seat to a “disaster of biblical proportions“.  I’m at a loss for words when I try to describe … Read More

Reality is the New Escapism

Are you a gamer? Chances are you’ll say no. Have you ever played FarmVille? How about Mafia Wars or any other game on Facebook? Chances are, you’ll say yes. If you have, then you are being counted among the millions … Read More

Rachel Ray Creates BACON. Internet: Rachel RAGE.

Ok, “RAGE” might be a strong term. … Read More

Are You Goin’ My Way?

Carpooling has increased thanks to websites that link commuters who have similar daily commutes. takes it a step further. It’s an “online community for people on the move. Every time we travel, we cross paths with people who could potentially enrich our lives. But oftentimes, we’re missing an outlet that allows us to connect, network and interact.” … Read More

Twitter: More Grown Up Than You Thought

In technology, more than other life categories, we tend to see individuals pigeonholed according to age. The assumption that the youngest of our peers are the most tech-savvy is a popular view that is not necessarily supported by fact. An … Read More

ApolloPlus40:Unfolding the Past In Real Time

By now, most of us are familiar with the social networking phenom that is Twitter. Twitter has proven to be a great way to keep up with our fast paced, fast changing world, by following life as it unfolds in real time. The ApolloPlus40 project, created by Nature News, proves that Twitter is not just a great way to discover what people are doing now; it can also help us discover the past. … Read More

Real Sizes for Today’s “Real Kidz”

Buff Culture™ is often filled with life evidence pieces that adhere to surgery, strange cosmetic products on the market, or the latest gimmicks promising beauty. In fact, for a wave that represents our inherent idea of “beauty as perfection” –cosmetic … Read More

Not So Hip Chicas…

The first Latina character I saw as a child set the stage for every other young Latina character I would come across on television, movies, and in the music industry: Rosie Perez as Gloria in “White Men Can’t Jump”. For … Read More

Virtual Seeds – Virtual Assistants

As if the actual overheard of running a business wasn’t enough, in today’s wired world businessmen have to take on social networking sites for self promotion, lurk on similar businesses websites to leverage their competition; research blogs for potential advertising … Read More