CultureWaves Q2: Unique Partnerships

To view our Q2 Trend Report, click here. Facebook and L’Oreal just partnered to bring you virtual makeovers. Did your eyes stop at the seemingly odd combo of Facebook, a social media platform, and L’Oreal, a beauty and cosmetics retail … Read More

Sneaker Shrine

San Francisco-based product designer Fernando A. Robert must really be proud of his shoe collection. I get it. That is to say, I know A BUNCH of guys who are card carrying SNEAKERFREAKERS. When I saw this,qwq I immediately forwarded … Read More

5-In-One Shoes

Ever stood at your wardrobe and let out a defeated sigh?  Sometimes we need a bit of clarity …which usually means a yard sale that gets rid of things we never wear.  Remember the “Oprah Rule”: if you haven’t worn … Read More

LED Stilettos

I have seen LED underlighting of hot rod cars, seen them architecturally as an interior design feature countless times, but I have never seen them on the underside of a shoe! Entourage Red’s latest footwear collection: RUNWAY LIGHT is definitely … Read More

Hybrid Kicks

My friend was gushing about these stylin’ shoes on Facebook the other day and it got me thinking.  I’ve known him a long time and he’s always loved ADIDAS since he was a kid, but rather than out growing them … Read More

Adidas “Originals” House Party

Iconic street and sportswear brand, Adidas, turned sixty this year and what better way to celebrate than to throw an old school house party! It all started with a star studded, full length video, directed by Nima Nourizadeh. the video kicked off Adidas’s highly successful “Originals” campaign, celebrating sixty years of style. … Read More

Shoe Repair Up in the Downturn

An article in the Wall Street Journal tells the story of a profession that has been in decline for decades that is finally seeing an upsurge in business; Shoe Cobblers. Once a thriving business, wealth and the relatively cheap price … Read More