Double the Indulgence

Left to their own devices, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s burgers would never be considered sexy. … Read More

“You Wanna Burger, Baby?”

As the Food Truck wars heat up in Los Angeles, everyone’s looking for an angle… a gimmick that will set them apart from the pack. Well here’s a textbook case of Suggestive Selling™ and it seems to be working out … Read More

Sexy Bones

Excuse me? A medical imaging supply company using naked x-rays as a selling tool? I guess you could call it creative, but is it more along the lines of pornography? … Read More

The “Eau De Toilette” of Toilet Cleaners

This has to one of my favorite examples of Suggestive Selling™ in a long time!!

“I can’t help looking at what’s hot™” …even if it’s an ad for toilet cleaner! Sometimes the best ideas are about doing the opposite of what is expected. … Read More