A Christmas Concierge

Do you cringe when you see retailers dragging out the Christmas stuff as soon as they’ve taken down the Halloween decorations? Does holiday muzac make you want to stab your ears with a rusty nail? Are you the type that … Read More

Mänland: A Creche For Men

My last long term relationship was a bit of a traditional role reversal thing. Yes, I dated a metro-sexual. One of his favorite activities was shopping. He loved any kind of shopping – clothes, furniture, décor, garden stuff. I guess … Read More

Helping The Less Tech Savvy

One of the things that stood out to me in the article Mashable did about Macy’s QR Code program was they said about 70% of Americans don’t have a smartphone. Really?  That seems like such a huge percentage!  I’m finding … Read More

Will It Be Hip To Use “SQUARE”?

YAY!!! An easier way to spend the money I don’t have!!! … Read More

Too Manly To Ask For Advice?

Guys and Dolls™ embraces the fundamental differences in the sexes. So this study really fits well in this Wave. … Read More