Workshop Concepts: Sentenced to Life

The hope that inmates are reformed while serving prison sentences has been a longstanding one. Today, there are new reasons to believe that hope will become a reality — thanks to creative solutions arising not only from the justice system … Read More

Q315 Topic: Sex Grows Up

Intentionally controversial, organized sexual rights movements are drawing the spotlight. … Read More

Sending a Message at the Expense of Thanksgiving Travel

“The goal of National Opt-Out Day is to send a message to our lawmakers that we demand change,” reads the call to action at, set up by Brian Sodegren. “No naked body scanners, no government-approved groping. We have a right to privacy, and buying a plane ticket should not mean that we’re guilty until proven innocent.” … Read More

The (endless) Battle of Music Censorship

The censorship issue is nothing new, the record industry, once a place of free speech and album covers that weren’t cluttered up with those parental advisory stickers… … Read More

Haircuts by Children: Child=Person

Most adults would have a hard time entrusting a child with a pair of razor sharp barber shears, never mind the idea of letting a child cut your hair with them. Hair Cuts by Kids, a project of the Mamaliian … Read More