Casual Spirituality

If the term “casual spirituality” makes you pause, odds are good you are either appalled or intrigued. Appalled because spirituality is a sacred subject that requires devotion and dedication and commitment; intrigued because, in today’s culture, spirituality has a lot of different meanings and you are, at the very least, curious. … Read More

Boiling the Religion out of Kosher

Secular consumers are using kosher as a guide for what food they can and cannot trust. … Read More

AA And Belief

The Inner Balance™ wave is about “finding a deeper meaning”.  One of the times when this resonates the strongest is with questions of faith.  And one of the times this really comes in to focus is when someone admits they … Read More

The File-Sharer’s Religion

Behold the Missionary Church of Kopimism – who hold CTRL+C and CTRL+V as sacred symbols!  They hope that by making file-sharing a religion they can gain acceptance, not only with society but also with the police. Founded by 19-year-old philosophy … Read More

Blasphemy As Branding

Ok so I’m what would definitely be defined as a “lapsed” catholic.  I am the poster girl of “spiritual but not religious”.  However, even I would not eat one of these “hot cross buns”.  I know many people will see … Read More

Virtual Church

In previous generations, people went to church to keep in touch with their friends, socialize, and yes, practice their faith. Now? For millenials, the generation between 18 and 30, many are now going to the Internet to find God, get religious, or move past religion to something more meaningful. … Read More

Between Dawkins & Evangelism: The Religious Independents

I’m definitely not a “ Bah! Humbug(er)!”-I love Christmas! I’m a technically termed a Catholic but if we were sticking to “The Rules”–I wouldn’t be a very “good” one. … Read More

Scientology Gets a Makeover

New Scientology Commerical: Life To be brutally honest, I don’t believe little aliens living inside of me would be essential to better “know myself”, or certainly not helpful to those on some spiritual journey. But who are we to judge … Read More

The Growth of Kirtan in the West

Sure you could go drink away your financial woes on a Saturday night but then you wake up Sunday with a hangover, regret and minus a bunch of precious cash. Or you could sing your way to a bliss that … Read More

Atheism is the New Gay

The latest edition of the Edge newsletter poses the question, “ Are Science and Religion Incompatible?” A question for the ages to be sure. This is a debate that has occurred countless times in living rooms, coffee shops, classrooms, courthouses, … Read More