A Rap About “Ross: Dress For Less.” Sure, Why Not?

Have you heard the rap song about Ross, yet?

When I did, my heart swelled: I Finally. Had. An. Anthem. … Read More

Cohabitating in the Recession

In hard times, seeking a cheaper place to stay and the practicality of taking in extra roomies both make sense. It’s called “recession roommate”, and while most people who agree to it hope it lasts only a short time, right now nobody knows how long that will be. … Read More

Out of Work; into Fun.

Not everyone who is out of work is sweating it. Some are looking at those 50 weeks of unemployment checks they’ll be cashing and deciding to have as much fun as they can-for as long as they can. It’s called funemployment, and that’s exactly what it is. … Read More

Laid Off Creatives Make Lemonade

We have seen a real trend ‘forced Moment Momentum™” since the recession started impacting peoples lives. From Staycations and funemployment to reconnecting with family and “simpler times”. Looking on the bright side of hard times is one of the more positive trends we have been tracking. … Read More

Home Sweet Ashram

As the economy twists and turns, Hindu hermitages are finding that people are seeking them out not only as a place to go for a week of meditation, but also as a place to live. One ashram in Honesdale, Penn., charges $3,000 a year to live there in addition to working in the kitchen. … Read More

Room For Rent

The American mythos is the narrative of the individual. The words independence, liberty, personal freedom, and individualism come to mind when we characterize core American values. That is why that when we see people making drastic changes to their lifestyle due to economic realities we have to wander… … Read More

Massage Industry Recession Proof?

So far in the Philippines it is, where according to Global Nation more than 200 spa centers have opened up in the city of Cebu alone. Indeed, what was once considered a privileged reserved for the wealthy not a few … Read More

Stay Fit In Bad Times

Laid off? Workout…there’s others just like you. And thanks to all the feel good endorphins that fitness releases, it makes perfect sense. Alex Light, a laid off real estate contractor turned personal trainer decided to offer free fitness classes to … Read More

Military Says: We’re Hiring

With high sign on bonuses, competitive salaries, family health insurance, education benefits and job skills for a civilian career, it’s doesn’t take Einstein to understand why in a faltering economy military recruitment is up –way up. And let’s take note … Read More

What’s Good For Karl May Not Be Good For The Gander

Once thought to be a recession proof market Haute Couture is coming under fire. While some designers are attempting to reconcile their designs with the current economic realities, other designers, like crazy uncle Karl ( Karl Lagerfeld), are justifying their … Read More