Google Maps Adds Real Time Traffic Estimates

Los Angeles and traffic are synonymous. Locals love telling you about sneaky routes they’ve found to avoid infamously clogged streets. Then there’s people like me that plan their day around avoiding peak hour. With an impending trip to LAX later … Read More

Crisis And The Web: The Internet As Headquarters

I have been in Brisbane for the past few weeks visiting with family and friends, and therefore have had a front row seat to a “disaster of biblical proportions“.  I’m at a loss for words when I try to describe … Read More

Viral to a T

Viral videos aren’t new, but one that hits this big is-and it’s pulling in big bucks for T-Pain. It’s a video that advertises T-Pain’s new iPhone™ app called “I Am T-Pain” and for only $2.99 it can record your own voice with the same auto-tune effect that T-Pain uses. … Read More

ApolloPlus40:Unfolding the Past In Real Time

By now, most of us are familiar with the social networking phenom that is Twitter. Twitter has proven to be a great way to keep up with our fast paced, fast changing world, by following life as it unfolds in real time. The ApolloPlus40 project, created by Nature News, proves that Twitter is not just a great way to discover what people are doing now; it can also help us discover the past. … Read More