A Huge Amount Of Adults Are Busy Doodling Lately….

One of my friends Facebook status says it all: “Draw Something is taking over my life.” That was quickly replied to by a bunch of her friends who commented: “Me too!!” “You play! Woot! I shall start a game with … Read More

M-Commerce: We Want It, But Don’t Trust It

I came across this survey that Mobio Identity Systems has conducted, and it revealed some pretty interesting statistics.  A whopping 94% of all North Americans would complete payments through their mobile phones if they were sure of systems security. People … Read More

Arcade Who? Indie Band Wins Album of the Year

So the recent 2011 Grammy’s were not only watchable but America watched!  As Rolling Stone said: “doesn’t this show usually suck?” Apparently people responded to the mercifully short speeches and plain ol’ quality entertainment.  There was back-to-back showstoppers, appearances by … Read More

An Apple FanGurl’s Biased Opinion

Ok. So… I will try not to be too gushy with this blog but in the interest of full disclosure…I’m a Mac Gal. To the point of totally “connecting” with my latest beau over the fact we are Apple freaks. I seriously don’t think I could date a guy that only used a PC. … Read More

FWD: “Have you seen this one yet?”

Mashable did an article on successful viral vids which I thought was really cool. While watching “All the Single Babies” one more time for old times sake…. the blogger’s comment about it struck me. … Read More

EARTs – Epic Amazon Review Threads

Perhaps you have stumbled upon or even participated in an emerging phenomenon in the Internet community: HI-larious comment threads. The article that I found was focussed on Epic Amazon Review Threads (EARTs), but in my opinion this is far more widespread than just Amazon. … Read More

Taking ‘shoppertainment’ to a New Level

Imagine a store window dressed like a real New York apartment. Now picture a different dinner party each night, hosted by a wide selection of interesting New Yorkers  -all in view of the fascinated general public peering in from the … Read More

…Quite the Following.

OK….I love twitter. Yes, like most people when I first heard of it, I thought it was the dumbest idea ever.  I had the “Isn’t this social networking thing going a bit far?” argument with others and myself. But then … Read More