Legacy is the New Nostalgia

A brand’s legacy is only as good as the memory people have of it. This is why so many brands are now leveraging nostalgia into new products, essentially combining the past with the present to bolster the future. A perfect … Read More

Emerging Evidence: New Nostalgia

The new nostalgia will be downloadable. … Read More

Emerging Evidence: Pop Culture Curriculum

Education is taking advantage of popular culture in order to create interesting experiences for students. … Read More

The Why Behind Why

Something that often baffles people is the question of why. We all have our reasoning behind what we do and how we do it, but people often have to pause before they can answer why. … Read More

Obama Acid: Change You can Believe in!

We don’t know what is worse, the physiological effects of this item or the “change” puns is it is guaranteed to produce. … Read More

Beating Up Berlin, One Hit Single at a Time

Being a native of Germany I tend to keep a watchful eye over the culture of my home, and something that I’ve been looking at lately is how much undertoned angst for the city itself is emerging through the German music scene. To put it simply, three of the top hits in Germany right now are all songs about the dark side of Berlin. … Read More