The Wrong Target

There has been much discussion about Gen Z as a demographic, and its widespread familiarity and use of technology—specifically the internet. Like others, we’ve written at length about the distinguishing characteristics that Gen Z exhibits. We’ve pointed out that Gen … Read More

Jon Stewart: Trust me, I’m a Professional.

A man that has a news show that has been previously preceded by puppets making prank calls and South Park is the most trusted voice in news. … Read More

2009–The Year of Change

It’s 2009, and I can only think of one thing: change. The promise of change is everywhere; it’s on campaign posters, in promises from employers, and in the hearts of those of us who aspire for something better in life; even the basic concept of a family is changing as legislative battles ensue over what a family can be. … Read More

Pictures of You and Us

“Pictures of You: Images from Iran”, a photography exhibit by Colorado based artist Tom Loughlin, challenges us to see past the political and ideological differences that exist between the US and Iran and see what the Iranian people truly are…People. … Read More

The One Thing That You Should Steal If You don’t Have!

After Barrack Obama’s sweeping victory in the US presidential elections the Republicans  are analyzing every aspect of his campaign, getting ready for a 2012 counter- attack. But, domestic politicians are not the only ones that have taken notice of the … Read More