Niche Luxury: How Companies are Redefining Enjoyment

If you set foot in our offices, you’d find plants everywhere. It’s partly a desire to foster a green environment, and partly the fact that we aren’t home much to care for them there. It’s also something of a competition … Read More

Leafy Looking Electricity

Big solar panels can be so, well…let’s just say it, ugly. The Solar Ivy “leaves” you see in the below photo, by comparison, are more beautiful and a much more pleasing fit with the environment. They’re also cheaper to produce than the huge flat, colorless panels, cheaper to replace, and have the same kind of potential to cut down your cost of electricity. … Read More

Foilage Filters

Artificial air filters can cost a lot and, knowing they’ll be added to your neighborhood landfill, disposing of them can be a shame-producing moment. But that‘s all changing in a new and very green way. ANDREA, a French company, is pioneering air filtration systems that use the absorptive and metabolic processes inherent in plants to purify the air. … Read More