It’s common scents.

Air fresheners are traditionally marketed to and purchased by women, but many companies are realizing that both genders enjoy fresh air. … Read More

Light Beverages

It’s hard to have a celebratory beverage during your hike without being weighed down on the trek up. … Read More

Clever Designs Elevate Good To Great

I’m a firm believer that most ideas can be improved upon. I get a kick when something goes from good, to great.  Or functional to superior. Well, a Japanese dentist must have had the same thoughts when he was cooking … Read More

Move: Precision in Movement

Here’s an idea that could signal a new era for fitness garments. It blends technology into the sportswear that helps the wearer know when they need to correct a particular movement. “Seattle-based company ElectricFoxy has unveiled a prototype of a … Read More


E3 is sort of an electronic entertainment mecca. Brands spend their entire year (if not years) preparing to wow the public with glimpses of new games and previews of a new console system. … Read More

Light And Sound Sculpture

Being on the other side of the world prevented me from attending this years Coachella music festival unfortunately.  And when I heard about the amazing lighting innovations, it rubbed it in even harder. You probably would have found me in … Read More

XBOX Wants to be Your Daughters BFF

uring a recent meeting, Microsoft spoke of how it would like to use the XBOX 360’s Kinect as a tool to attract girls to the console and gaming market. … Read More

Gaming on Demand

There’s one industry that has remained relatively untouched in streaming content; console games. But things are starting to change. … Read More

Cut And Paste Plagiarism

College students sitting at their computers downloading music, watching free videos, sharing photos, and writing a paper at the same can easily fall into the trap of grabbing information from Wikipedia and dropping it into their essay or research report without thinking twice. In a cut-paste world, really, what’s the problem? … Read More

Art So Underground – It’s Illegal

The Barely Legal™ Wave represents behavior that’s a little taboo, a brief walk on the wildside. However, what happened to the art fans who ventured into the NYC subway system was all too real in its legality. … Read More