The Photo Era

Back in the day when food websites and blogs were popping up and people began posting photos of their food, art directors everywhere were saying, “Nooooooo” in loud laments. After all, they had built whole careers on the quality of … Read More

How did you get your photo to look so normal?

In a world where hazy hipster photography and technology have converged, anyone can crank out a “vintage-inspired” photo in seconds. For snobs who once prided themselves on knowing enough Photoshop actions to be unique or people who go through the … Read More

Going In For The KillShot

I’ll just come out and say it. I hate the “sport” of hunting. I’m one of those people that is fine with hunting for food. Most indigenous cultures have a respect for the animal and use every part. And after … Read More

Better Photography Is Saving Lives

This piece would be just as at home in the charitable Giving Back™ wave, but it’s also an unusual example of Buff Culture™ so I’d like to explore that. By unusual, I mean that it’s not about some new beauty … Read More


That moment when the plate is put in front of you.  It’s better than what you imagined when you ordered it.  It’s a thing of beauty. Looks so delicious.  You are already devouring it with your eyes.  What’s next?  Dig … Read More

Open Source Environmental Genealogy

Using photography and open source maps as a window into the past. … Read More

Cosmetic Wane

If you’re thinking of ditching your day job and moving to Hollywood to become the ‘next big thing,’ you better think twice before plumping, botoxing or augmenting. … Read More

Loss Of Innocence

Here are the true “modern day scenarios” of what happened to our childhood fairytale princesses. Belle. Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel, even Jasmine –all fallen to a world of hatred, disease, gluttony, superficiality, and heartbreak. The artist, Dina Goldstein, says of … Read More

Reverse Image Searching

Tin Eye works like any standard search engine, except its for images. It’s called a reverse image search, so in case there’s a time that you need to look up the source of an image, or you’ve found something funny … Read More

Pictures of You and Us

“Pictures of You: Images from Iran”, a photography exhibit by Colorado based artist Tom Loughlin, challenges us to see past the political and ideological differences that exist between the US and Iran and see what the Iranian people truly are…People. … Read More