CultureWavesQ3: Bio-Packaging

Floating some few hundred miles off the coast of California is a buoyant indictment of the current state of marine ecological wellbeing. Worthy of the moniker “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” it is a stark example of the problem plastics and … Read More

Pet Nose Pendants

Deity Complex™is about IDENTITY STAMPING.  Now every pet owner I know sees their animals as an intrinsic part of their life, or even as an extension of themselves. You only have to search the tag “pets” in the CultureWaves World … Read More

Bodega Cats – A Flickr Group

Flickr groups never cease to amaze me; they’re like a high quality version of one-off Tumblr accounts. … Read More

As Cute As the Real Pet

Portland-based artist Amelia Santiago is uses her amazing creative gifts to make pet lovers very happy. SOOOO much less creepy than getting your dead animal taxidermied. Instead she uses needle felting to create wool fiber sculptures of dogs and other animals commissioned by the doting owners. … Read More

What if everyone loved you like your dog loves you?

It is true that our pets love us unconditionally, but it is also a brilliant observation of the new nature of people’s relationships with their pets. Dogs and cats have long been valued companions. Now, more so than ever, these creatures play an integral part in our emotional lives and in turn their needs are increasingly treated as near equal to our own, sometimes even more so. … Read More

Because Making Sure Your Dog Stays Fit Is (More) Important.

That’s right folks, a treadmill for dogs. We won’t spend too much time on this, but it was worth a mention as a classic piece expressing the hedonistic behavior that makes up our Flexible Flux™ wave. For this ladies and … Read More