Insta Gratification

  Real talk, I’ve judged people based on their Instas. I know—it’s terrible and it’s the actual personification of judging a book by its cover. But that’s what it’s come to…and I’m not the only one, nor is Instagram the … Read More

Your Own Handwriting As A Font

This idea makes me tingle! Whoever thought this up for Pilot deserves some serious kudos and here’s why: they have taken a product, in fact a behavior, that has become outmoded and made it available in our digital world. … Read More

As Cute As the Real Pet

Portland-based artist Amelia Santiago is uses her amazing creative gifts to make pet lovers very happy. SOOOO much less creepy than getting your dead animal taxidermied. Instead she uses needle felting to create wool fiber sculptures of dogs and other animals commissioned by the doting owners. … Read More

The String Doll Gang® Brings Good Mojo

Do you remember your school days?

What were you like? No wait, better yet… what were your short comings? Did you have anything that you would have changed or at least -liked to have had a hand with? I think we all had some rough times in our own unique ways. What if there was a little doll that could give you some “good mojo” for those times? As kids go back to school, I recently came across these little “dolls” that can be used as a keychain… for their lockers, school bags, etc. … Read More