CultureWavesQ3: Bio-Packaging

Floating some few hundred miles off the coast of California is a buoyant indictment of the current state of marine ecological wellbeing. Worthy of the moniker “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” it is a stark example of the problem plastics and … Read More

The Devil’s Packaging

This has been more than a pet peeve of mine for a long time now. It’s been a hatred. So when I saw the title of this article I clicked on it immediately. I recently cut myself trying to get … Read More

Crystal-Studded Bottles of Water

Ok. So even though the loveable snarks over at Gawker had a field day with this, I happen to think it’s a perfect example of Private Pampering™. It’s an article about an extreme example of luxury in the bottled water … Read More

Loud Chip Packets > Being Biodegradable

When I read that Sun Chips was reverting back to environmentally unfriendly packaging because consumers said the new bags were too loud, I did a *facepalm* that could have been heard around the world! … Read More

Wow, Something That Works ANYWAY®

I hate waste! I’m the kind of person who will always find the quickest route anywhere or keep the peanut butter until every last skerrick has been eked out of the jar. So, here is a great design innovation that really appeals to me. … Read More

From Hard to Soothing Sell

What do you do with a crying baby? Popping in a pacifier usually does the trick. How about someone crying over their 401K? Well for that, Madison Avenue seems to have found a pacifier for the times: Nostalgia. … Read More

Less Packaging Means More Green

For years, marketing has profited from the idea that a bigger package made people feel like they were “getting more.” That’s why we have wads of cotton in our aspirin bottles and all that air in our cereal boxes. All that is changing with the new push toward green packaging. … Read More

Estrogen Dominance: It’s Worse than You Thought

Want to know what the next wave of “conscious consuming” will be?


I don’t necessarily mean eco-conscious packaging-although we all know that is definitely on the radar. … Read More


From the department of I have no time for anything comes the Dip-N-Go® cup from PWP Industries. According to their press release: With commuters spending around 100 hours per year in the car, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor … Read More