Juicy Ideas To Cut Down On Packaging

We live in a throw away society. Anyone who has seen the mountainous landfills where our trash ends up can’t help but realize the way we package things is so wasteful. Over packaging is a pet peeve of mine. That’s … Read More

Bringing The Outdoors, Indoors

I’m one of those people that “runs cold”… perhaps you know someone who has cold extremities. Especially in the winter, my hands and feet can be used as icy weapons against my warm blooded friends. So as lovely as wooden … Read More

Fresh Ideas: Humane Meat

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill, is a fast-casual chain with six units in South Florida that has found some Inner Balance™. The essence of this Wave is “Personal Direction” and that’s what they have with the announcement that all of the meat it serves has been Certified Humane by Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC), a certification and labeling nonprofit. … Read More

Foilage Filters

Artificial air filters can cost a lot and, knowing they’ll be added to your neighborhood landfill, disposing of them can be a shame-producing moment. But that‘s all changing in a new and very green way. ANDREA, a French company, is pioneering air filtration systems that use the absorptive and metabolic processes inherent in plants to purify the air. … Read More

Cosmetic Wane

If you’re thinking of ditching your day job and moving to Hollywood to become the ‘next big thing,’ you better think twice before plumping, botoxing or augmenting. … Read More

Comeback of the “Ugly” Fruits

As a child I use to wonder why grocery store produce was always so much uglier looking than those my mother would pick out at farmers markets. I would suspiciously eye them over thinking my mother was simply too cheap … Read More

Natural Beer Promise

The natural beer promise is that its: Made From Only Natural Ingredients. Brewed Naturally. Free From Artificial Additives or Preservatives. And that’s all…verbatim. Obviously, a return to nature with or without you is in full force here. But the more … Read More