Stretching Time

As Summer approaches, people are talking about slipping into VaCa mode. Many conversations I’ve had lately are about recommended summer reading and day trip destinations. Yet, as much as a lazy day lounging by a pool sound just grand to … Read More


We think we’re either on someone else’s or our own all of our lives, but we never stop to think about slowing it down to just “take time.” … Read More

Aging & The City

Yes, that’s not the word you want to be attached to “& the City” but research is starting to show that the fast paced life you either loathe or love is having its own effects on your brain.
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The Slower, the Better

Faster! Faster! In a world that seems to be at our backs, lashing us forward at an ever-faster pace, don’t you sometimes just want to say STOP! … Read More

Old Stories-New Healing

Older people love to reminisce and share old stories. That’s not news, but what is news is how telling old stories in a consistent setting can help people improve their memory and their health. … Read More

Out of Work; into Fun.

Not everyone who is out of work is sweating it. Some are looking at those 50 weeks of unemployment checks they’ll be cashing and deciding to have as much fun as they can-for as long as they can. It’s called funemployment, and that’s exactly what it is. … Read More

Getting Back to Nature

Are you stressed? Anxious? Disconnected? Depressed? Do you really want to go sit on a couch in a dark office and talk about your problems? Whah whah….psychologists are beginning to recognize that some of this issues could be relieved by simply getting back to nature. … Read More

The Time Switch

Have you ever had one of those days where you just wanted to turn off time? Well, now you can… sort of… … Read More

Train of Thought

If I had heard a quotations from Shakespeare, Gandhi, or Einstein over the NYC subway intercom, I probably would have stepped off and reported it as a case of Mary Jane in the drivers seat—ride with caution!

Amusingly enough, subway drivers on London’s Piccadilly line however have been given a book of inspirational sayings and encouraged to recite them to passengers. … Read More

Off the Clock Dining

If you’ve ever paid top dollar in a fancy restaurant and had the waiter practically pull your chair out from under you to get you to leave, you’ve been the victim of “table turning.” That obnoxious trend is being reversed by some of the finest celebrity chefs in the world, and patrons are enjoying the benefits. … Read More