CultureWaves Q2: Unique Partnerships

To view our Q2 Trend Report, click here. Facebook and L’Oreal just partnered to bring you virtual makeovers. Did your eyes stop at the seemingly odd combo of Facebook, a social media platform, and L’Oreal, a beauty and cosmetics retail … Read More

Q315 Topic: Entry-Level Lifestyle

As full-fledged career paths become harder to find and even more difficult to keep, consumers are having to accept the substitute of a permanent entry-level lifestyle over their expectations. … Read More


E3 is sort of an electronic entertainment mecca. Brands spend their entire year (if not years) preparing to wow the public with glimpses of new games and previews of a new console system. … Read More

‘GameCrush’ Sells Girls to Gamers. Srsly.

Words cannot begin to describe my feelings for this ‘service.’ … Read More

Tripping the White Fantastic: Part Two

WhiteFi could revolutionize mobile media, save the Radio Industry and generally make the world a better place by fostering new conservation technologies. … Read More

Tripping the White Fantastic: Part One

When the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made the decision late in 2008 to allow unlicensed broadcasting devices access to “white spaces” in the television spectrum, many saw the move as a potentially giant step forward for US wireless networking. … Read More

Microsoft’s ‘Future Home’

Microsoft’s new home of the future gets humanity that much closer to The Jetsons. The house gives us a peak into where the company plans on incorporating technology within the next 5-10 years, and lets us tell you, we felt like the first time we saw the futuristic house in the 80’s flick Total Recall –…ooooooooh….ahhhhh! … Read More

What’s Problematic, Underwhelming and Red All Over?

Windows Vista has endured a barrage of criticism. In response they have launched a campaign to improve (folgers crystals style)the tarnished image of Vista. In the spirit of Giving Back, Microsoft has now launched Windows Vista Ultimate (Product) Red edition. … Read More