It’s common scents.

Air fresheners are traditionally marketed to and purchased by women, but many companies are realizing that both genders enjoy fresh air. … Read More

The Man’s Guide To Love

The life evidence we have in the Guys and Dolls™ wave is the either very masculine or very feminine.  For the guys examples we have super macho stuff like the Dr. Pepper 10 campaign. I’m so happy to have found … Read More

“Shamevertising” On Public Transport

Public transport can be filled with trials and tribulations at the best of times. Anyone who has to deal with the crush of peak hour, the rants of lunatics or falling asleep and missing your stop, knows what I’m talking … Read More

Liquid-Plumr Ad “Goes There”

I this found this “saucy number” over at AdWeek, have you seen it yet? “Liquid-Plumr has a product called Double Impact. So, really, what choice did DDB San Francisco have but to create the innuendo-stuffed spot below with a housewife … Read More

Peacocking With Alpha Nail

Sometimes a piece comes along that can fit into several CultureWaves™. This is one of them. What we have here is a nail polish aimed squarely at men which made me immediately think: Yin Yang Blend™: “I see the line … Read More

“Epic Meal Time” To Take On TV

These freaks have been on our radar since they started filming their crazy meat orgies. If you’ve never seen the YouTube sensation “Epic Meal Time” you missed a whole lotta meaty madness. The basic premise is: get a bunch of … Read More

Gal Pal Certified

Girls talk about guys.  FACT.  Many of us love to match-make too. We discuss our relationships… often in gory detail. Sorry guys, but your girlfriend/wife’s friends probably know more about you than you would be comfortable with. The thing is, … Read More

The Middle Class Want Their Food… Fast.

I came across a study that really challenged my perception about who eats fast food. I’ll go ahead and admit that if I was asked what demographic frequents fast food chains I would have guessed a lower socio-economic one. I’m … Read More

Oh You Pretty Things

We may have a case of this topic becoming the “default fluff piece”, because lately there has been a lot of stories about men adopting fashion that is usually designated as feminine. In recent weeks I’ve seen stories about: “mandals” … Read More

Dude Quilting

I have seen two articles about men making quilts in as many days so I think that warrants a mention.  Yin YangBlend™ is about the blurring of the sexes, and I think  men quilting falls neatly into that wave. The … Read More