CultureWaves Q2: Unique Partnerships

To view our Q2 Trend Report, click here. Facebook and L’Oreal just partnered to bring you virtual makeovers. Did your eyes stop at the seemingly odd combo of Facebook, a social media platform, and L’Oreal, a beauty and cosmetics retail … Read More

QSR Giants Phasing Out Inhumane Meat Sources

Here’s a great example for the Flexible Flux™ wave. This wave is where we balance what can be considered “bad stuff” with a healthy dose of “good stuff”. Burger King has announced that all of its eggs and pork will … Read More

Would You Like Fries With That? “I DO”

Theme weddings can be very cool. To me it seems like the perfect chance to project who you are as a couple to your family, your friends or even the world! To me a “perfect” wedding would be triumph of self-expression. … Read More

Marvel’s “First Family” not Family Friendly?

Won’t someone please think of the children? … Read More

Don’t Hate The Player OR The Game…

Japan isn’t afraid of technology. If you’ve watched any Japanese TV then you know they also aren’t afraid of trying new things. So I wasn’t really surprised when I read that McDonald’s Japan are about to start a training program that uses the Nintendo DS. … Read More

McDonald’s Japan’s “America Burgers”

Texas, Hawaii, New York and California. That seems somewhat broad to describe America doesn’t it? Well, to the folks over at McDonald’s Japan that seems just about right when it comes to flavor profiling. … Read More

Chicken of the Scene

BRANDALIZM: “You don’t own your brand – I do.”  These might not have been the exact words these gals were thinking at Last Call when the inspiration for The McNuggetini hit but it still rings true. They posted a step … Read More