Niche Luxury: How Companies are Redefining Enjoyment

If you set foot in our offices, you’d find plants everywhere. It’s partly a desire to foster a green environment, and partly the fact that we aren’t home much to care for them there. It’s also something of a competition … Read More

Airports as Retail Destinations

Riddle: I have two hours to kill and a plethora of name brand stores within walking distance. Where am I? Answer: An airport. Where else, in this day and age, do you have two hours of free time? Sure, you … Read More

Making Time

There’s a new excuse in town. For years we’ve talked about being too busy or having too many priorities. Well, now we’re talking about too many things coming at us at once. We can’t think; we need to find a … Read More

The Rise of the Agrarian

A few weeks ago, I was stumbling around my Facebook feed when I saw a survey of “100 Foods to Eat Before You Die.” I figured it was another chain wave of spam that would require me to like the page, subscribe, etc., but I was curious, so I went ahead and bravely clicked onward. … Read More


Coffee Lovers Swoon For The TopBrewer

Some friends and I got into a conversation about “luxury” after I showed them a photo of the worlds most expensive watch. It’s worth US$5 million and is inlaid with with 1,292 diamonds – including six stones each weighing more … Read More

Karl On Karl

High Fashion is always pulling stunts. It’s about making their brand “aspirational”. For instance, many people can’t afford the luxury lifestyle but will hold it up as something they aim for…They save and save, to one day make that one … Read More

Crystal-Studded Bottles of Water

Ok. So even though the loveable snarks over at Gawker had a field day with this, I happen to think it’s a perfect example of Private Pampering™. It’s an article about an extreme example of luxury in the bottled water … Read More

Chrysler: Reclaiming Luxury

This was one of the stand-out ads of the Superbowl, some people are calling it the clear “winner”.  Rather than bringing belly laughs or mind boggling CGI, it was a poetic assertion of a cities worth, and a challenge to … Read More

Evian + Issey Miyake

The idea of borrowed brand equity is nothing new; people have been doing it for ages. But what’s refreshing is to see brands that have nothing to do with each other pairing up, and it’s partially why designer bottles is an interesting mix. You’re essentially getting a very accredited brand at a lower price. It’s part of why collaborations have been such a big hit in the past. … Read More