SPENT: Could You Make It Through The Month?

The Human Truth of the Living Vicariously™ wave is: “To me, that was almost real.”™ Here is a website that has put this wave to work in an engaging way. Most everyone I know, myself included, whines about making ends … Read More

Living Like Harry

If you’ve ever read a Harry Potter book, or been to an HP movie (and who hasn’t), you may have wishfully dreamed about what it would be like to visit his magical world and sample his life of wizardry. Poof! … Read More

Global Laundry

Fabric softener is pretty boring when you think about it. You have around fifty choices that all smell nearly the same, and by the time you’re in your thirties you catch on that lavender mist and seaside garden have a difference of about zero, and you get excited when a new smell comes out, until you use it and realize it’s exactly like the rest. Well, Japanese company Nissan Soap is working on ways to make fabric softener a little more interesting. … Read More

Taking ‘shoppertainment’ to a New Level

Imagine a store window dressed like a real New York apartment. Now picture a different dinner party each night, hosted by a wide selection of interesting New Yorkers  -all in view of the fascinated general public peering in from the … Read More

…Quite the Following.

OK….I love twitter. Yes, like most people when I first heard of it, I thought it was the dumbest idea ever.  I had the “Isn’t this social networking thing going a bit far?” argument with others and myself. But then … Read More

Squirt! You’re Pretend Dead.

Ever wonder what it feels like to be a hit man? An evil stalker? A player in a deadly game of kill or be killed? Well, just fill up your squirt fun and sign up for StreetWars. … Read More

CultureWaves Trends

The Places We Live

We generally tend to think of “giving back” in terms of volunteerism, charity, donations or activism. Those fighting for a rightful cause and collecting funds to improve the quality of life for others, both man and animal, find fulfillment in … Read More

Rising to the Call: DIY Superheroes and the Death of Apathy

Stories in Rolling Stone and The Times report the beginning of a strange phenomenon: an upsurge of real life amateur superheroes! That’s right, somewhere in your town there might be spandex wearing, crime fighting, goofy moniker having, superhero lurking in … Read More

Dude Stop it, Seriously! It’s Your Turn to Wear the Helmet!

TN Games has released a helmet that will complement their FPS Gaming Vest that lets you literally feel explosions, gunshots and blows that your character experiences in video games. Not to mention, make you look like the worlds biggest dork! … Read More

Swedish Body Swapping Experiment

Ever wander what it would be like to swap bodies with someone else? According to Swedish Scientists this seemingly impossible feat might be easier than you would think. The press release explains the experiment: Cognitive neuroscientists at the Swedish medical … Read More