Artificial Product Scarcity

Note: Culturewaves has previously written about the concept of the “Mark-Up Economy” here. Usually when we think of scarcity it points to a fundamental economic problem of never having enough of something. Marketing a product’s scarcity can create artificial demand—which … Read More

Luxury Brands Time Traveling

We know fashion often draws from the past in an ever evolving cycle of appropriation. Like when it’s inspired by previous fads and generations. I used to joke last decade when the 80’s came back… What next? A 90’s fad? … Read More

‘Limited Editons’ Now Come In Store Size

Limited Editions have engulfed entire stores. … Read More

Timeless (and timely) Beauty

The ’50s weren’t just a time of peace and prosperity; it was an age of classic beauty personified by Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and others as the silver screen evolved into full-blown Technicolor. Elizabeth Arden is allowing women to step back into that glamorous world… … Read More

Elizabeth: The Golden Age and the Importance of Design in a Bad Economy

When Universal pictures released the sequel to the Academy Award –nominated motion picture “Elizabeth”, “ Elizabeth:  the Golden Age”, they commissioned Bow Wow International to create a companion book. The limited edition book that they created is every bit as … Read More