Are You A Workaholic?

I’ve been listening to an interesting podcast lately. It’s comedians talking about the biz… so it might not be for everyone but the work ethic is what really inspires me. The way that good comedians use the 140 character limitation … Read More

Are You Leaving Dirty Digital Footprints?

Ok So – Don’t worry, I’m not going on a rant about this whole shemozzle.  Suffice to say that I’m a HUGE Conan O’Brien fan and have always thought Leno is about as lame as you can get – next … Read More

Laid Off Creatives Make Lemonade

We have seen a real trend ‘forced Moment Momentum™” since the recession started impacting peoples lives. From Staycations and funemployment to reconnecting with family and “simpler times”. Looking on the bright side of hard times is one of the more positive trends we have been tracking. … Read More

The Clockless Workplace

I’ve recently been seeing more articles about the rise of the kind of work/ management style- which is based on results and not on close scrutiny of individual employees. As someone who went from a normal 8-5 office workday to telecommuting I can tell you both has its pros and cons. … Read More