Clever Designs Elevate Good To Great

I’m a firm believer that most ideas can be improved upon. I get a kick when something goes from good, to great.  Or functional to superior. Well, a Japanese dentist must have had the same thoughts when he was cooking … Read More

Calorie Burning Underwear

The Body Warranty™ wave is filled with evidence that helps us strive for physical greatness.  The Human Truth™ of this wave is:  “I want more out of my body than ever before.”™ Well the Japanese have found a way to … Read More

Summer Cooling Sprays

Summer is almost over. So this blog might be a little late for the heat-stroked people in the South and Mid West of the USA, who endured record breaking heat this year. Although, if you’re like me, you may be … Read More

Giving Back: Uniqlo is Doing It Right. BING? Ahhh No.

As the world shakes its head with incomprehension at the destruction in Japan, some companies are showing their true colors with the ways they are Giving Back™.  This week has been full of examples of good and bad reactions to … Read More

The Snooze Bank

The snooze button qualifies as perhaps one of the original good news/bad news gadgets. The bad news is it’s time to get up. The good news is you get a few more minutes. Now in the Flexible Flux Wave, we have the Banclock pay-as-you-snooze device. To activate the snooze button, you have to drop in a coin. … Read More

Soothing the Suicidal

What makes someone jump in front of a speeding train? Instead of trying to answer that complex question, one railway company has decided to take more preventive action against the dramatically rising risk both to people and property in Japan. … Read More

Sexy Bones

Excuse me? A medical imaging supply company using naked x-rays as a selling tool? I guess you could call it creative, but is it more along the lines of pornography? … Read More

Don’t Hate The Player OR The Game…

Japan isn’t afraid of technology. If you’ve watched any Japanese TV then you know they also aren’t afraid of trying new things. So I wasn’t really surprised when I read that McDonald’s Japan are about to start a training program that uses the Nintendo DS. … Read More

McDonald’s Japan’s “America Burgers”

Texas, Hawaii, New York and California. That seems somewhat broad to describe America doesn’t it? Well, to the folks over at McDonald’s Japan that seems just about right when it comes to flavor profiling. … Read More

Round-the-Clock Workouts

No time to work out? Hate the boring routines? Those excuses just won’t work anymore with the new Minutes Gym. It gives you more than 100 million, you heard that right, 100 million different 3-minute workout routines. … Read More