The Changing View of Wellness

We have a new rule at the office. Stay home if you are sick. No longer are there medals handed out for making the effort, for dragging your weak and chilled body out of bed, and certainly not for sneezing … Read More

Quarantined Rapper Could Set the Bar for Quality of Life

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Um…Is this “Normal” Doctor?

The UK’s Channel 4 has always pushed the envelope airing shows that tend to shock while they entertain and educate.  The series that’s dropping jaws lately is called Embarrassing Bodies along with Embarrassing Illnesses. I thought these shows are a … Read More

It Pays to Medicate

It’s a fact in third-world countries that many TB patients often fail to take their medication on a regular basis, but for free cell phone minutes they will. Here’s how it works. MIT students came up with a new testing and reporting system that encourages patients to stick with their treatment plan by giving them incentives. … Read More