Tweeting FTW

I love it when businesses “give good twitter”. Whether it’s a PR person, a social media consultant or an employee that is given the freedom to tweet whatever they like, when it’s done well it really personalizes a product, brand … Read More

Kellogg’s Twitter Marketing Is Totes Amazeballs

It seems Kellogg’s is a company that knows how to monitor twitter. The fun started with the lead singer of popular English, alternative, brit pop band The Charlatans, Tim Burgess. Probably while passing time on tour or something similar, he … Read More

Kobe Beef, Foie Gras Burger Called the 1%

When I saw these “humorous” menu items, I immediately thought of the Corporate Hating™ wave because it references the Occupy Wall St movement.  The Human Truth of that wave is: “I hate being treated like I don’t matter.”™ So You … Read More


This is a movie franchise that knows their demographic well.  In fact, they celebrate being a “Stoner Movie.” They gleefully play to the flip side of “Family Friendly Holiday Cheer” in the way that Bad Santa and Christmas Vacation have … Read More

“Dressing Your Age” Disappearing

Uber-Snarky hipster publication Vice, never ceases to crack me up with their “Do’s and Don’ts”.  However, I really had to pause on this recent example and think about the DVR Lifestyle™ wave. I know for a fact, that I am … Read More

Dominos “Caters” To Their Demographic

I spotted this coupon on  They proclaim it as a WIN.  If you don’t know why it’s a WIN then you probably aren’t the intended demographic. Domino’s has pulled a humorous little Power Play™.  This wave is all about … Read More

An Accidental Tweet That Turned Out Well

This is a funny twitter “incident” that made me chuckle and love the internet even more… (if that’s possible.) The Red Cross employee who mans their twitter account accidently sent out a seemingly drunk tweet.  PR crisis? Nope, the opposite. … Read More

Objects in Mirror Are Losing

We can all be conquerors. … Read More


While shopping for my Dad’s Christmas present I came across this offering from Bosch and I literally lol’d. “The special edition IXO Vino comes with a corkscrew attachment and special ‘wine-style’ wooden packaging box. The screwdriver has all the features … Read More

A Rap About “Ross: Dress For Less.” Sure, Why Not?

Have you heard the rap song about Ross, yet?

When I did, my heart swelled: I Finally. Had. An. Anthem. … Read More