Passing Judgment

‘Tis the season for passing judgment. “What have you done to your hair?” “You’ve put on some weight, huh?” “Why can’t you come home for the holidays? You like your in-laws better than us?” Don’t answer any of those. We … Read More

How Thanksgiving Turned Into Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving has changed, and, if anything, it seems to have extended the holiday. It’s become known as a “season of eating” rather than one meal–and along with it comes time spent with a variety of different “friend groups.” Our EVP … Read More

Paul Frank & Nestle Crunch Get Cozy For Christmas

The Holiday Season is a time for coming together.  Here’s two brands that are doing just that. “Nestle Crunch has partnered with fashion label Paul Frank on a limited-edition run of their 2.75 oz. chocolate bar. The official collaboration sees … Read More

BeerFriender Helps You Buy A BeerTender

Heineken came up with a cheeky promotional idea for the festive season. They launched a fancy keg called BeerTender that lets you pull fresh draft beer at home for $99. However, they acknowledge that it’s not really the time of … Read More

What The Kids Want From Santa

Happy iHolidays!! Yes, that’s the term Nielson has coined after reviewing the results of their latest Christmas “wish list” survey.  Apparently our kids and teens are more about tech gadgets than ever before.  Apple devices are dominating the letters to … Read More

Spare A thought For the “Un-Traditional”

I’m back in Australia for the first time in many years and after reading many of my dear American friend’s Facebook updates and twitter feeds about Thanksgiving it led me to ponder the holiday. … Read More

National Man Day

Well, actually it was declared on Monday when thousands of young men joined the facebook group rallying the cause of “standing up and doing manly things.”  Started by two Indiana men, the website urges men all over to participate in … Read More