That’s What Friends Are For

With the spate of natural disasters over the last few years, it’s no surprise that there is a rise in articles about survivalism.  I’m seeing more and more “how-to” blogs about stockpiling and bunkers and disaster plans.  Even Costco is … Read More

Crisis And The Web: The Internet As Headquarters

I have been in Brisbane for the past few weeks visiting with family and friends, and therefore have had a front row seat to a “disaster of biblical proportions“.  I’m at a loss for words when I try to describe … Read More

The String Doll Gang® Brings Good Mojo

Do you remember your school days?

What were you like? No wait, better yet… what were your short comings? Did you have anything that you would have changed or at least -liked to have had a hand with? I think we all had some rough times in our own unique ways. What if there was a little doll that could give you some “good mojo” for those times? As kids go back to school, I recently came across these little “dolls” that can be used as a keychain… for their lockers, school bags, etc. … Read More

Gift Girl

Attention all men out there, this website is just for you, but ultimately for your girl. The shopping malls are overcrowded, the internet is overwhelming. We understand that when it comes to shopping for your girl, your mother, your sister, … Read More